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Calling Tips

    Use Local Access Numbers & Save Money

  • Use Local Access Number to save money and to get more minutes rather than the Free phone number.

    Save Time With These Shortcuts

  • Use Local Access Number to save money and to get more minutes rather than the Free phone number.
  • ##Make another call without hanging up
    * + CODETo call your Speed Dial Contact

    Fast Connection With One-Touch Dial

  • You can set up frequently used contacts in your phone so that you can call them with just one touch. To get this feature save their phone number in your phonebook in the following format:
  • Save the access number with the pause and number you want to dial into your phone's address book. Dial the number to test it. Some phones do not pause for long enough. If a single pause is not long enough you can add more pauses in a row.
  • Access Number+Pause +Your International Number

    eg : Access Number : 0333-998-1111 | Access Numbe : 00-91-XX-XXXXXXXX
  • Use a comma as a pause if you need to try to guess the pause key. The comma is the most common key for pausing. Some phones use the star character (*) to indicate a pause and some use the pound (#) key to indicate a pause. A few phones use the letter "p" to indicate a pause. Some phones have an option that says "Add" or "Insert Pause". Check your phone's user manual if you are not sure how to use this feature with your phone.
  • If you are unable to determine the pause key for your phone, contact your mobile phone company's customer assistance or your phones manufacture. Most phones made by the same manufacturer use the same pause character.

    Speed Dial Your Favorite Contacts

  • You can also use the Speed dial feature from your KLIKTEL account. If you call your home number frequently then you can set it up as the first Speed dial number in your KLIKTEL account. After Setting this up dial the access number and then enter *1 instead of long destination number.
  • Access Number+*+Your International Number

    You can save upto 9 destination numbers.
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Low Cost International Calls

A huge number of miles far from home, who wouldn't miss their family and friends? Innovation has made it simple to stay associated with friends and family and we make it much less demanding. Using Kliktel you can start making cheap international calls from your mobile.

International Calls from UK

Make cheap international calls from UK landlines and mobiles to nations including India, Pakistan and USA. England is a profoundly multicultural society with a great many individuals emigrating here consistently. In the past those expecting to make international calls have needed to purchase a calling card and/or utilize a landline. Those gleaming new advanced mobile phones aren't so brilliant now would they say they are? On the other hand, the mists are beginning to clear. With Kliktel you can now make cheap internaional telephone calls


Kliktel is a prepaid telecom service that allows you to make cheap international calls to anywhere in the world from UK using any phone you choose. Kliktel uses the latest technology solutions to route your international call to its destination while transforming it, into the most cost effective and best quality call at the same time.