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    What We Are Responsible For

  • Upon diversion of your call to our system.
  • processing your calls by connecting them to your destination numbers.
  • recording your call data.
  • billing.
  • invoicing where applicable.
  • making reasonable efforts to terminate your call.

    What We Are Not Responsible For

  • The working of your phone or handset.
  • The networks of other Telecom operators.
  • Changes in laws affecting these services.
  • Matters beyond our reasonable control.
  • connecting you to emergency services-your Telecom operator will still do this for you. "Service" We arrange with fixed line and mobile service providers ("Telecom Operator") to automatically divert you onto our system upon dialling the access numbers provided by us. You will then be able to make your calls which will billed by Veda Telecom Ltd. Our website and call centre can explain if you have any further queries

    The Limit Of Our Responsiblities

  • We are responsible to you without limit for deaths, personal injuries & any other things for which we cannot limit our liability by law. Otherwise we are only liable to you personally (not to third parties) for the direct consequences of our failures to provide the Services to you under the terms of this Agreement & subject to a total limit on our liability to you which is capped at the value of the higher of £30 or the amount on our last invoice to you. A call made using the Services will be carried over Telecom Operator's network & those of other telecommunications service providers as well as being carried by our system. We cannot be held liable for any failure of "Telecom Operator" or of any other service providers who might be involved in carrying or attempting to carry your call over their network.

    What You Are Responsible For

  • Complying with this Agreement.
  • Paying "Telecom Operator" for your rental phone line.
  • Paying for Services and calls made using any Equipment.
  • Only connecting properly approved Equipment to your "Telecom Operator" line.
  • If you are using our dial up internet access service you must identify, install, use & keep updated appropriate virus protection, firewalls, filters & access controls which are appropriate to your needs.
  • compensating us for any fines, damages, costs, claims or expenses that we incur as a result of you using our Services in breach of the terms of this Agreement.
  • Use of any Equipment & your "Telecom Operator" phone line by a third party.

    Your Use Of The Services

  • You may make private residential telephone, fax, email & internet calls using the Services. (II) You may not use the Services for (a) business purposes.
  • Any purpose not specified in 7(I)
  • Internet for schools
  • abusive, obscene, defamatory, criminal or menacing purposes
  • In a manner that congests or causes harm or damage to our system, the networks of other operators or to any equipment connected either to the public telephone network &/or to the public internet.


  • Our prices are available on our website & from our call centre. Please check our prices regularly.
  • Our prices are affected by the charges made to us by other telephone service operators & we may be forced to change prices to you on short notice. We will give as much notice as practicable of price increases (but not reductions).
  • We calculate charges using data from our system.
  • Except where otherwise stated in our price lists, we publish charges as per minute rates. We round invoice totals up to the nearest whole pence.
  • We reserve the right to make minimum charges or call set up charges which will be publicised on our website
  • .
  • We reserve the right to charge for administration costs incurred in following up direct debit failures, defaults on payment & bad debt & reserve the right to employ debt collection agencies, to assign the right to collect your debt or to factor your debt to a third party for collection.
  • Late payments may attract interest at 5% above Bank of England base rate which compounds each day that payment is overdue.
  • We reserve the right to charge for providing fully itemised invoices, duplicate invoices & call records (if available).
  • We reserve the right to charge for providing fully itemised invoices, duplicate invoices & call records (if available) & will charge £1 per payment extra if you choose not to make payments to us by direct debit or continuous credit card mandate.
  • We may suspend the Services for non payment of chages. However, on receipt of payment in full of all charges properly due and owing, we will reinstate the Services.

    Credit Limits

  • We may set a credit limit on your account in our sole discretion & can stop you making calls if you exceed the limit until a payment is made to us.

    Accepting The Terms Of This Agreement

  • If you start to use our Services then this will be treated as acceptance of the terms of this Agreement. We will provide a minimum of four weeks' notice on our website of any material changes to terms of this Agreement. You should check our website regularly. If you continue to use our Services after the effective date of the new terms then you will be regarded as having accepted the revised terms.

    Suspending / Stopping This Agreement & The Service

  • You: by giving us one week notice, how ever efforts will be made to stop the service as soon as possible. If you not already started using this service you may cancel the agreement within 7 days of signing the form or registering on the website.
  • Us: We can suspend / terminate the service due to non payment of charges or any misuse within immediate effect or if required by any regulatory authority.

    Data Protection

  • We & (our agents, subcontractors & employees) will only use any data that you give to us or that our system accumulates as a result of your use of the Services to work out how to improve our services.
  • Detect fraud, theft & losses.
  • Communicate with you about technical issues, changes, improvements, offers & promotions relating to the Services.
  • Offer you information about additional services that we, our group companies & other carefully selected companies may wish to offer to you. We may disclose information to other companies in our "Group" of companies (that is to say any company which is directly or indirectly owned by Tele2AB of Sweden) for any of the purposes set out above. A list of such companies is available on request. If you would like us to change the way that we process your information then please write to us c/o "The Data Protection Officer" at our address.

    Credit Checking

  • We may carry out credit & fraud prevention checks with a licensed credit agency & with other Group companies in relation to your use of the Services. Both the credit agency & us will keep a record of your payment details & application & this may be shared with other agencies to help make credit & insurance decisions about you & members of your household & for debt collection & fraud prevention purposes.
  • Disputes: If you have any complaints or queries about our Services then please, in the first instance call our customer services team. If we cannot resolve the issue then you may also refer the complaint to Ofcom Riverside House 2a Southwark Bridge Road, London SE1 9HA Tel: (020) 7891 3000 www.ofcom.org.uk

    General Legal Principles

  • Subcontractors & associated companies: We may use third parties including associated companies to provide the Services although we will remain responsible to you for the Services at all times. We may assign the benefit of all or any part of our rights under this Agreement to any Group company provided that we tell you about this promptly afterwards in writing. Invalid clauses: If any sentence or clause of this Agreement shall be or be held to be invalid by a court or a relevant regulator then the other sentences & clauses shall continue to be effective. Delayed exercise or non enforcement of contractual rights: Failure by either you or us to exercise or enforce any right given to us by law or by this Agreement shall not be regarded as taking away those rights from us & shall not prevent the exercise or enforcement of those rights at a later date. If you fail to comply with the terms of this Agreement on one occasion & we choose not to respond to this failure then this decision not to respond does not prevent us from responding if you fail to comply with the terms of this Agreement on a second occasion. Sending of formal notices & communications: Any notice, invoice or other document which may be given by either you or by us under this Agreement shall be considered to have been given if delivered in person or by post to us at the address shown overleaf or to you at the address that you gave us when you first contacted us (you are responsible for telling us if you move). Such notice shall be considered received immediately if delivered by hand or within 72 hours of posting if sent by post. Entire Agreement: this page & the pricing pages of our website record between them our entire legal relationship with you (collectively the "Agreement"). All other documents that we issue are for guidance only & are not legally binding. Our customer service staff have no power to change our Agreement terms. Governing Law: This Agreement shall in all respects be governed by & understood in accordance with English law & both you & we agree to submit to the exclusive jurisdiction of the English courts. Both you & we agree that we can elect to take any dispute to a suitable arbitrator or mediator as an alternative to going to court.
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