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    What kind of Voice calling services do you offer and how do I access them?

  • We offer National and International calls at fantastic low rates which you can obtain by registering your office/home landline or Mobile numbers. To access the service you need to register on our website www.kliktel.co.ukand make a payment using your credit/debit card.

    What happens after the online registration?

  • We will provide you with confirmation of your account details and once the payment is successful, you may start making calls to your desired destinations. Since your phone numbers are registered, there is no need for a pin number - please refer to our How to make a call' section for further information.

    What kind of handsets do you support?

  • We support any touch tone landline phones and any regular mobile handsets, we do not support rotary dial phones.

    What are the different payment options?

  • We currently accept payments by only credit/debit card via our website.

    Do you offer a speed dial facility?

  • Yes, you can register your numbers for speed dial and then use the service by following instructions on 'How to Make a Call' section.

    Can I use the service from payphones or any other phone other than my registered phones?

  • No, this service only work from the phone numbers that are registered and it does not work from payphones.

    Does the service work from mobile networks?

  • Yes, as long as the mobile number is registered. Please note that before using your mobile, check with your mobile operator if dialling the 0333 998 1111 access number is inclusive in your monthly allowance; this may not be the case for pay as you go customers. In the case of dialling the 0800 640 6306 access number, not all mobile operators consider this as a free number so again please check with your operator before dialling this number.

    What happens when my balance runs down to £0.00 or low on credit?

  • You will hear a prompt announcing that the credit is low and the call will get disconnected automatically. To recharge please logon to your account and follow the instructions, you will need a credit or debit card to complete the process.

    Is there a facility for Auto Top-Up?

  • We currently do not offer Auto Top-Up's; however we are planning to introduce this facility shortly.

    Do you run any promotional offers?

  • We constantly introduce new offers, please keep watching our website for further information, we also offer bonus credit to our customers on a random basis.

    Can I use this service from outside UK?

  • No, we currently do not offer this facility.

    Does this service work from only BT Landline?

  • No, you can use this service from other telecom providers like Virgin and Cable & Wireless as long as you are able to dial our 0333 998 1111 or 0800 640 6306 numbers.

    Does the landline need to be registered in my name?

  • No, you may even register your office or friends numbers on our website and use the service.

    Do you send a monthly itemised bill?

  • No, you will not receive any monthly bills from us, you will however be able to check your call history and the call charges online after accessing your account.

    Are there any connection or maintenance charges?

  • No, we only charge the rates that are indicated on our rate sheet.

    Do you charge for calls if they are not connected?

  • No, however the call may be charged if you reach voicemail or any other prompts.

    Do you charge for credit and minutes announcements?

  • No, all the announcements that we make are free.

    What is the call billing rate?

  • We work on 60 second billing.

    What is the charge for dialling the access number?

  • We do not charge you for the access numbers, this charge is related to your operator, usually 0333 998 1111 access number is free on pay monthly mobile tariffs and 0800 640 6306 access number is free from any landline in the UK

    Is there a minimum top-up?

  • Yes, a minimum of £5 can only be processed by our payment gateway.

    What are the charges for dialling the customer service number?

  • Yes, a minimum of £5 can only be processed by our payment gateway.

    Is there any line rental that I need to pay for this service?

  • No, you only pay your usual line rental to your telecom provider.

    Do the indicated rates include VAT?

  • Yes, the rates are inclusive of VAT.

    Where can I find your international destination rates?

  • You can find it on our website at www.kliktel.co.uk or please contact customer services on 0203 051 1866.

    Can I register more than one phone e.g. both my home phone and mobile?

  • Yes, you may register up to 7 phone numbers.

    I had a problem during top-up and credit has been deducted from my credit card?

  • Please contact our customer service and we shall check our records and credit the necessary amount to your account, however in some cases this may take up to 48 hours.

    I did not hear any voice on the phone but I was still charged for the call?

  • In some instances the voice is not properly transmitted despite a connection. This could be because of various technical reasons, please contact our customer service, we shall verify and recredit the lost amount.

    Do I receive any PIN number after registration?

  • No, this service does not require any PIN number.

    Can I make simultaneous calls from my registered phones?

  • Yes, you can make simultaneous calls from all the registered phones.

    Does this service offer call conferencing?

  • No, currently we do not offer conferencing, however we are planning to introduce this service shortly.
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